Sardinia Through Wine

April 24th 6:30pm

Whole Farm Cooking

Welcome to the Next Step in Farm-to-Table Dining

We work with trusted local farm partners to find the best produce and livestock for our constantly rotating menus. Our chefs are trained to follow plant development from a crop’s earliest stages of growth to its peak level of maturity. And the animals we prepare, which are all raised ethically and humanely, are butchered in-house to make sure every part is used properly.

Our standards on sustainability and freshness are uncompromising. Natural food is a gift, and it’s one we refuse to waste.

Culinary Jazz

Taste the Midwest’s Heart and Soul in Every Bite

Our culinary approach is firmly planted in ancient times. By combining hands-on techniques passed down through the generations with modern flare, we’re able to make sure every dish we create reaches its full potential.

This back-to-basics philosophy bridges the gap between past and present, letting you experience the unique flavors of the Heartland like never before. Add our extensive wine pairing service into the mix, and you’re ready to live the lost magic of old-world dining.

To our chefs, cooking is an artistic exercise in rustic simplicity—and your plate is our canvas. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your meal the way Mother Nature intended.

About Chef Dustin

Meet the Man Who Connects Cuisine and Community

Born a small town kid in a Western Illinois Farming Community into a Family of Entrepreneurs and Restaurant Owners focused on Family, Community, and Centered Around Food begins to tell the story of Chef Dustin and Path that he would follow.

As a chef his path took shape early on in life as a young kid watching his Grandparents operate their family diner, to beginning work as a dishwasher, moving on to prep, cook, and eventually becoming an Executive Chef in 2009.

Firmly rooted in his upbringing and wanting to serve his guest the freshest and best quality available he began to look at the Farmers of the communities were he was raised with the idea being able to help one small family farm have a market for their products now has grown to a network of 60+ Midwestern family farms all providing Chef Dustin and his Team at Edge all the Produce, Meats and Grains used at the restaurant. Also providing invaluable Relationships and Friendships along with the high quality, sustainably farmed, and Freshest ingredients that has become the strength of Edges Menus, While being able to support and giveback to he community, while utilizing no National Suppliers.

Quality, Mother Nature, Farmers, Whole Farm Cooking, and Techniques passed on for Generations lay the foundation of Chef Dustin’s Style of Cooking that has been described as Free Form Jazz with the Heart and Soul of the Midwest in Every Bite, Locally Sourced and Artfully Elevated.

Our Farm Partners

Dinner Grown in Your Own Backyard

Edge partners with over 60 local farms from the Central Illinois region to make sure your food is as fresh as can be. Each farm we do business with is hand-selected based on criteria like ingredient quality and how they raise livestock.

These farms never rush Earth’s natural timetable. Though this means some of our meals can take months of growth, procurement, and preparation before even reaching the kitchen, we can’t imagine doing things any other way.

Every entrée Edge creates is just the final page of a much longer book. But thanks to the amazing farms we work with, we’re able to make sure the whole story is worth telling.

Twin Oak Farm

TJ’s Free Range Poultry

The Seasonal Plate

Bittner’s Angus Beef

Spence Farms

Wild Z’s Ranch

Cook Farm

Blue Moon Farm

Ifft Family Gardens

Silver Creek Farm

Kilgus Farms

Sylvan Acres

Gunther Swamp Farm

Epiphany Farms

Whistling Hen Farms

Jones Country Gardens

Grani’s Acres

Ackerman Farm

We can't wait to share a meal with you.

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